Arnd Bergmann (arndb) wrote,
Arnd Bergmann

Melbourne again

I've come down to Melbourne once more, to meet up with a few friends. Since I am apparently the only person on this planet that is not aware of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, I was caught by surprise finding out that every single Hostel and Hotel in my price range in greater Melbourne is full. Fortunately, the network of friends from Linux Australia worked really well for me, and I ended up staying with Pete, Donna and their two cats, and they even picked me up from the airport.

This morning, I went to the Queen Victoria Market, did a little shopping there, but mostly taking photos:

Merchandise at Queen Victoria Market

I met up with Ann for lunch, and we went to a restaurant in Chinatown, where she introduced me to some of the specialties that you don't normally get in a Chinese restaurant in Europe. We spent the afternoon at the Melbourne Museum, and later I got to introduce the Australians to Austrian Kaiserschmarrn for dinner.
Tags: couchsurfing, english, mel8ourne, tralien

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