March 30th, 2008

Rain on Uluru

The main attraction for everyone coming to Alice Springs of course is a trip to Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock. We went on a three-day tour with a group of eighteen nice people.

We spent much of the time on the road, driving around 1500km in total. Our great tour guide and driver Scooter turned out to also be an excellent psychologist, geologist, DJ and chef, and he was accompanied by his sidekick Burger the Koala.

On the road with Burger

On the first day, we stopped at Kings Canyon for an extended walk and swim. Through its geological properties, the Canyon always has fresh water inside, even in year long droughts.

Walking in Kings Canyon

Later that day, we settled down to sleep under the stars around a campfire, but a short time after that, it started raining. After just a few hours I concluded that the rain was not going to stop and moved my swag under the roof where the others had already gone earlier.

The second day started with more rain, and we went to Uluru next, to see it in the waterfalls and walked all the way around it. It's impossible to describe what Uluru is like, you really have to see it yourself.


Finally, we got to see Kata Tjuta, another spectacular rock formation, surprisingly close to Uluru. It had stopped raining when we got there, so we had a really nice walk there and went back to enjoy the sunset at Uluru.

Kata Tjuta

If you were there on the tour with me, please leave a comment and a pointer to your own photos if they are online.