February 15th, 2008

Roads of Canberra

My orientation in Canberra is getting better, but I fear I will never learn to drive in the circular roads here. There are very few roads that go in a straight line, so if you use your natural sense of direction, you end up going in a completely different way than you think.

I know a good way to work now that I can easily find, but when I want to go somewhere else, I always get lost, which is a waste of time and fossil fuel.

However, I hope that this will get better when I get the Tomtom 910 GPS navigation system I just bought on eBay. The device looks like the right solution to me, with the source code for its Linux operating system available from the Manufacturer's web site, a 20GB hard drive for maps and ogg music and wireless integration with the car stereo and GSM phone.

I'm sure there are a number of interesting ways to hack it to do even more interesting stuff.