January 29th, 2008

Linux.conf.au starts

Today is the second day of linux.conf.au, and I gave my presentation earlier this morning, which means that I'm now free to enjoy the rest of the conference.

We were reshuffling the talks this morning, and mine actually took place first, starting just after 9am, which meant that the room was still rather empty. Still, people seemed to enjoy it, and I had a number of laughs on my side. I've uploaded the paper and slides to http://userweb.kernel.org/~arnd/papers/lca2008/, but it's essentially the same content as the lce2007 one I did in Cambridge.

LCA always feels like a large family reunion, you have all the people you talk to regularly on the internet, some people you just see once a year and those that you've never met before, and there are many good friends as well as those that you don't like that much but that still belong here as much as everyone else.